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Carbon Finance

What is Carbon Finance?

  • Investment in greenhouse gas emission reduction projects
  • Utilisation of financial instruments which are tradable on the World's carbon markets

The World Bank Carbon Finance Unit
The World Bank Carbon Finance Unit (otherwise known as CFU) purchases emissions reductions in developing countries through the use of its carbon funds. The carbon funds have generally been built up through money supplied by governments and organisations in OECD countries. According to the World Bank's website, the CFU's carbon finance initiatives are an integral part of the Bank's mission to reduce poverty through its environment and energy strategies.

Online course containing a component of carbon fiannce
Understanding the impact of environmental and social considerations on financial performance
- Introduction to the flexible mechanisms and emissions trading
- How emissions trading is a key business opportunity
- How the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation work
- Case studies, examples, problems and risks

International Finance Corporation - Carbon Finance
As a member of the World Bank Group, the IFC provides finance, risk management and advisory services to help build the private sector in developing countries. The Carbon Finance Unit of the IFC undertakes the development of financial products and services and acts as a key advisor on carbon market projects.