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Greenhouse Gases (GHG)

GHGs are gases which contribute to global warming through the greenhouse effect. Although many GHGs are generated naturally, human activity has been responsible for a large increase in such gases over the last century. The Kyoto Protocol attempts to limit emissions of the following six GHGs:

  • CO2 - Carbon dioxide
  • CH4 - Methane
  • N2O - Nitrous oxide
  • PFCs - Perfluorocarbons
  • HFCs - Hydrofluorocarbons
  • SF6 - Sulphur hexafluoride

Globalis - interactive emissions map
This site features an interactive world map from the (UN) Global Virtual University which shows GHG gas emissions by country. The site allows you to show emissions per capita, total emissions, and emissions targets, among other things.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative
The GHG Protocol is a widely used framework which allows organisations to account for and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.